Prior Anthology Sale – prior to 2018

ANTHOLOGY SALE on published anthologies, prior to 2018 $26.95 each (includes shipping/taxes) while stock lasts. Send us an e-mail with your order request, along with the information below: (copy/paste into the body of your e-mail message) PRIOR ANTHOLOGY SALE Full name of person ordering: Address to send order to: City: Province: Postal Code: E-mail address: Phone number with area code: Title… (more…)

Teachers: Prior anthology sets

Teachers, get a jump start on our upcoming Young Writers Poetry contest by purchasing a set of previously published anthologies, to help inspire your students! Please visit our ‘teachers’ section’ for more information. Thank you for your continued support over the last 23 years! Deadline for entries is November 10, 2016 (postmarked). If your entries will be later, please let us know. Details and… (more…)

Dedication to our Founder, Peter B. Jones

Almost sixteen years ago a delightful Englishman walked into my painting class. We became friends instantly. As our friendship developed I learned that Peter Jones not only loved fine art but poetry as well and had established a publishing business to encourage people, young and older, to write. I began to work for him and admired his dedication to his… (more…)