Dedication to our Founder, Peter B. Jones

Almost sixteen years ago a delightful Englishman walked into my painting class. We became friends instantly. As our friendship developed I learned that Peter Jones not only loved fine art but poetry as well and had established a publishing business to encourage people, young and older, to write.

I began to work for him and admired his dedication to his ‘young writers’. His attention to detailĀ and unflagging energy earned my respect and admiration. He truly believed in the need for a venue for children to express themselves and better yet, to have their heart-felt efforts published in a real book that they could keep, or give as a gift and to read the work of their peers.

Over the last twenty-one years some beautiful and inspirational work has come across our desks, with writers entering their work year after year. They are not only expressing their loyalty to our cause but great depth of thought and sensitivity.

Peter left us in April of this year, slipping peacefully away after an illness. The legacy of his belief in Canada’s writers of all ages lives on in us and the many books on our shelves and the many thousands of happy creative published authors.

Peter, we miss you more than words can express but we will continue to honour you and your commitment to poetry and short story writing. We will strive to maintain your dream of giving voice to the creative soul in all of us and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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