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Student Resources & Links

Student Dictionary  :  Rhyming Dictionary  :  Online Thesaurus

Learning About Poetry  :  Types of Poems   :   Children’s Guide to Poetry

Tips on Writing   :   Giggle Poetry   :   Poetry Idea Engine   :   Poetry Splatter

Poetry for Kids   :   Bedtime Favourites Nursery Rhymes & Resource Guide

Shel Silverstein   :   Teen Ink Poetry

Mother Goose Caboose (Learning and activities site: includes rhymes, poetry, games, colour cut/paste, reading/writing and much more!)
 Creative Writing Resource Guide
Story Starters   :   A Resource Guide for Readers and Writers

Fantasy & Adventure Stories: Fairy Tales, Tall Tales, Aesop Fables and More!

Symbolism in Poetry – What makes it different? (link suggestion by Dylan)

Online Literary Devices (link suggestion by Ava)


Other External Links

Fairy Tales and Folklore
(links suggested by a Girl Scout Troop that is working towards their Storytelling badges)


Young Writers’ Camp 2015
Calgary’s Young Writers Conference 2015
Creative Writing Camps


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