Just wanted to say sincere thanks for the gorgeous plaque! It’s stunning, Sophia LOVES it, so do we and it’s such a nice gesture on your/PIC’s part to offer such a treasured token. Thank you!
Nathalie L.


I am from Alberta/BC first prize winner, and I would like to send you my heartfelt thanks for providing me with this opportunity! Words can’t describe the feeling of being recognized as a hopeful writer, of being given the chance to reach others through my words via publication – literally, it was my greatest dream come true, and during a somewhat tumultuous year it gave me the inspiration to continue writing, no matter what I faced outwardly. What you do at Young Writers is incredible to me. Nothing can compare to the joy you give aspiring youth across Canada, and I hope you continue your work for many years to come!

                                                                                                                   Sora K.


Thanks again for your organization’s recognition of my child’s work. I strongly believe such form of encouragement is highly valuable to the development of children’s creative skills in our country.

Angela K.

I am extremely proud of my son for three reasons: The first is him being French Canadian, the second is being a profound dyslexic, and the third for his humbleness; he never told me about this competition until I received your letter asking me to fill out the release form. I think your competition is an inspiration to a lot of struggling Dyslexic students. I thank you to have inspired my son to want to read more because of this competition and especially write. I hope you continue your good work, and please do not forget how much this has touched our family and given our son hope in a literary way.

Christine B.

Just wanted to take a few minutes to extend my heart-felt gratitude to you for providing this wonderful opportunity to our young people. As a parent, I can see how this experience has opened up our daughter’s heart to the world of poetry and short stories. It’s truly amazing to see such fine work from our youth. Keep up the encouragement! All the best!

Karen Anne P.
Mount Pearl, NL

The books arrived today! My impatient 13 year old, is ecstatic that her book is finally here. She has gone to school beaming from ear to ear with the intent of passing the book around to her teachers that have encouraged her through the years. Many thanks for making a young girl feel wonderful and making a mother proud.

Suzanne G.

Thank you for selecting my daughter, Allison’s, poem for publication in “Puppy Dogs and Roses”. We were both thrilled to pieces! Allison has struggled with Language Arts and English for most of her school years. The publication of her poem has both opened her eyes to her potential and shown her what perseverance can do. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Michelle A.
Gatineau, QC

Thank you very much for selecting our son’s poem. He’s only 11, but for years he’s only thought of himself as a writer in adulthood. Your organization is encouraging many youngsters, and I commend you.

With sincere thanks,
L. Peters, ON

Dear Mr. Jones,
I would like to thank you for running this Poetry Contest. My son worked very hard on his poem as he hoped that he would win first prize. When we picked up the mail and read to him that his poem would be published, tears filled his eyes. He felt very proud of himself. The first prize didn’t matter anymore he was so excited that something he created would actually be published. I think this is wonderful that you give the children a chance to see their work become a success. It really helped build my son’s self-esteem.
As a parent it gives me great pride to see my son’s work published, I hope you continue to run this Poetry contest.

L. Henry, SK

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have give my daughter, Amber.

God Bless,
S. Hauslen, AB

This is such a thrill for our family. Sarah has so struggled in English class since elementary school, that this letter brought tears to my eyes. We so much appreciate your efforts.

Thank you,
P. Nical, BC


I am a grade 6/7 teacher who is thrilled with the acceptance of several of my students’ works for publication, from students who are diagnosed learning disabled, through to students who are gifted. What a wonderful opportunity for them to receive recognition and to validate the hard work they do to prepare their story for presentation!

Teresa McCart – Teacher
Quesnel, BC

Let me congratulate you on the great work you do to promote writing with students. It is very motivating for them to have a contest that invites their work and so fantastic when some of them are published. Thank you for all your efforts!

Bernadette Kolonel – Teacher (grade 6)
St. John’s, NL

Again, we appreciate the opportunity for our students to be part of this worthwhile endeavour. The students love to participate and we thank you for making this poetry opportunity available to them.

Jill Saunders – Teacher
Whitefield Christian Schools, ON

My students and I would like to thank you for your letter. They were thrilled, not only to have their poetry accepted, but to be told that the quality was appreciated. Thank you again for giving my students the opportunity to explore language through poetry and to have their efforts published!

Evelyn ten Hagen – Teacher
Toronto Montessori Schools, ON

As a teacher, I must say the Poetry Institute of Canada has helped my students gain confidence in themselves and a complete respect for writing. Please keep up the great work! Thank you.

Linda Arndt – Teacher
Westlock Elementary School, AB

My students have enjoyed the experience of taking part in your competitions. This has provided them with an opportunity to express themselves. This has encouraged them to write further and given them a feeling of achievement, especially when they receive your letter telling them their work will be published. Thank you for that.

Maya Unger – Teacher
Holy Spirit School, ON

Dear Poetry Institute,
Being published in your anthology is a source of great excitement to my students and gives a powerful boost to their belief in themselves. Your anthologies are among the most popular reading material in the classroom, especially the stories written by the students’ peers … keep up the good work, you have a bigger impact than you know.

Bridget Wright – Teacher
Waywayseecappo School, MB

Poetry Institute of Canada,
Hello again, I think that this is my fifth year in introducing my class to your Poetry contest. Thanks for all the work you do.

Tobin-Hurl – Teacher
Mother Mary Greene School, AB

Thank you so much for all your work in organizing this great opportunity for young people! I have been greeted by very excited students this week. They are just thrilled to have been chosen for your books. It means a great deal to them. They are really proud of themselves as poets. That is a wonderful accomplishment!

Brampton, ON

Thank you so much. It’s a wonderful thing that your organization is doing for the children of Canada.

Tan – Teacher
Wesley Christian Academy, ON

Thank you for being there!
I submitted a poem written by one of my students about two years ago, and it was selected for publication in the Poetry Institute’s anthology. That was a very fine moment, I assure you, for the young writer and her high school classmates. (Not to mention how delighted her teacher was!) It all affirmed the value of “well-woven words” for all of us. The young poet still writes – well! Here I go again, offering a second submission. I read a lot of student poetry. Occasionally – very occasionally – I get one that strikes true. I work with 15-18 year olds every day. They are dealing with a confusing world. I am amazed by their courage and their humour and their insights. I know that this poem would speak to a lot of sixteen year olds, as it does to any of us.

Catholic Central High School, AB

I am confident that your contest is a credible venture, and that it has value in helping children to experience success, and in encouraging them to write. Therefore, I have advertised the contest to a writer’s email discussion group to which I belong (a number of members have children who write), and encouraged my own daughter to enter. I have also promoted the contest in my school, the results of which are enclosed.

Smith – Principal
Springview Colony School, AB

Enclosed are two sets of poems submitted by our younger and older students. They are all excited about the prospects of becoming published in such a fine publication. For some of our students, it is a first time experience, while for others writing poetry is a familiar and comfortable form. In all cases we appreciate this unique opportunity. On behalf of all our entrants, I’d like to thank you and the Poetry Institute for your generosity and leadership in this endeavour.

With respect,
A. Blackburn – Teacher
William Mason School, SK

Dear Sir or Madam,
My grade three class has enjoyed writing poetry and was thrilled that we were entering a contest. This contest has definitely helped to encourage student’s poetry writing. Thank you very much for considering our poems!

Detillieux – Instructor
Bruno Central School, SK


I am sixteen years old, and writing is one of the most importants things I have. I am so glad that your organization is providing this chane for the youth to raise their voices. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest things you could have done. Thank you very much!

Amrit B.

I was thrilled when I found out that my poem was going to be published! I never once thought that any of my writing would go into a book. I think it is amazing how you all encourage young writers like myself to show off their work. This is a very good way to help young writers get noticed, and show Canada how it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can still write amazing words. Thank you!

Mackenzie B.

I would like to say thank you for accepting my story in the Dreamscape anthology that I received last week. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the short stories of other young writers across Canada. As a teenager, it is much appreciated to be able to express my thoughts and feelings, and I believe the feeling is mutual for all teens.


Thank you so much for publishing my short story. It means so much that you are interested in my writing. Me, as well as my family, are so excited to get this book. You have shown me success, and my accomplishments by putting me in this book.

Ashton B.
Cloud Carnival (ages 7-11)

Hey Everyone!

I just want to say what a HUGE honour this is to have my poem published. I never expected it to go that far but, I’m proven wrong. I encourage you to continue all your hard work, and keep inspiring young writers like me across the country. Encourage people to keep smiling, as they write their thoughts down onto paper. You never know, it may one day be published in a book. Remember: Follow your dreams, and your dreams will follow you.

See ya!

Bailey, ON
2005 Runner-Up
(The Pickle Tree)

Thank you very much for choosing my poem to be in your anthology of verse. I am delighted to have my poem in your book, as this is my very first publication. I am 13-years-old and currently in grade 7 at St. Barnabas Catholic School. When I told one of my teachers, Mr. T., that my poem was going to be published, she was thrilled, as was I. She even ordered a copy of the book for me, and said, (quote) “Finally one of my students is famous!” When my principal found out, she had me read it out to an audience earlier tonight at the St. Barnabas day celebration.


Poetry Institute of Canada,
I would just like to mention that you are doing a wonderful thing. You are helping people to write poetry. I never knew how to write poetry, but now that my brother’s poem has gone to this contest I think I have learned a lot. He is very proud to know that he is recognized all over Canada. I again thank you for creating this contest as I know it has helped many children learn to like poetry much more.

Dahmer, ON
12-years- old

I thought that the anthology was beautifully done and I felt honoured to have my poem selected for the anthology.

Lipping, ON

I am an entrant in your poetry contest. I feel that this contest is well done. I’m glad you give the contestants a choice in whether they want to buy a poetry book. In no way is your contest misleading from my point of view. I think it is great you print student’s poetry in a book, and give prizes to the contestants with the best poems. I hope you continue this contest in the up-coming years.

Petkau, BC



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